Allie Pikel
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Camille Loertscher
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Jaime Tandiman
Jamie Tandiman 4 1 2017 Small
Lexi Loertscher
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Madison Panos
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Makayla Larson
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Mandy Garcia
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Morgan Sorenson
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Nicole Egbert
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Sarah Shippen
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Shelby Bybee
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Are you looking for a fun, high energy environment in which your child can thrive and learn? Welcome to Hip Dance Co.! Click on the "Sign up" button below to learn more.

Parking Procedure

Enter the east side of the parking lot, circle the building and drop off on the west side, continue to the west entrance to exit the parking lot. If you are dropping off at the back studio the same procedure will be followed. If you are parking please use east side as an entrance. Please do not park on the curb located directly behind the parking stalls.

High Fitness

High Fitness is Tuesday nights from 8:15-9:15pm. Please call to get more information.

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