Jazz Dance Classes in West Jordan, UT

What is Jazz Dance?

Jazz is kind of a relative term that entails many styles of dancing that are all traced back to common roots. Ballet, tap, and African American rhythms call all be considered jazz dance. Jazz dance tends to be jerky, syncopated and with high levels of energy.

Where did Jazz dancing come from?

Dating back to the early twentieth century, Jazz dance first emerged in both Africa and Europe. It is a performance dance technique and style that can also be referred to as vernacular jazz or broadway or theatrical jazz. There is also a lot of culture behind Jazz. African American vernacular styles of dance emerged greatly with the growing of this dance technique. Up until the mid 1950s the main phenomenon associated with jazz dance was tap dancing, because it was often danced to jazz music and was the main dance style for that era. As the jazz age grew more popular forms of this style were the Charleston, Boogie Woogie, Cakewalk, Black Bottom, Jitterbug, Lindy Hop, and Swing Dancing. 

What are the different types of Jazz dance?

There is a huge variety of styles that are all umbrellaed under the technique of Jazz. One of the most common ones is called the Charleston. This first appeared in the 1920s and is still seen throughout dance recitals, broadway and theatrical performances. For this dance, a person will pivot their feet in and out all while straightening and bending their knees. Simultaneously shifting their weight from foot to foot and as each foot is underweighted, will be kicked out at an oblique angle. Another well known style is the jitterbug also in line with the Lindy Hop. Aside from the specific dance moves, there are also multiple dance styles within jazz. There is Broadway jazz, this dancing you will most likely see in broadway musicals. There’s also jazz pop, this style emerged from modern jazz dance culture and has evolved to include disco, waacking, and street dancing. Afro jazz is also another style that focuses on the dance of original African ethnic roots and emphasizes improvisation and rhythm and is very cultured. There is also Latino jazz which is a combination that focuses on elements of samba and salsa.

What are the different types of Jazz dance classes?

At our studio we offer a couple of different jazz classes. We have just a regular Jazz class which consists of focusing on warm ups, across the floor and center combinations. Students can expect fun, high energy music, and experienced teachers. We also offer a Jazz Level 2 class which requires one year of previous dance instruction. There is a Jazz/Hip Hop class which is a combination class that infuses the funky style of hip hop with the technical side of jazz. Students will learn the fundamentals of each style such as isolations and flexibility. Another class we teach is Jazz/Ballet. This class is designed to introduce young dancers to basic concepts of jazz and ballet. They will work on stretch, strength, and coordination. And we also provide a Jazz/Tumbling class. This class will focus on teaching basic motor skills, tumbling skills, and jazz technique.

What do you learn in Jazz class?

One of the biggest things with jazz is your core movement. Center control is very important in jazz technique. This being because the focal point from which all movement emanates is the body’s center. And having a steady and strong core makes it possible to maintain balance while executing powerful movements.

What to wear to a Jazz class?

For attire we recommend a leotard with tights or shorts. As far as footwear goes, it will vary based on the type of jazz class you are in. For just our regular jazz class you should wear pink ballet shoes. For the jazz level 2 class you will need to wear Capezio tan jazz shoes. For the jazz/hip hop class we ask that you have nude foot undeez and black with white soles low top converse. In the jazz/ballet class you will need ballet shoes. And for the jazz/tumbling class you will wear pink ballet shoes as well. 


How much is a Jazz class?

Our jazz class class costs $40/month. You can choose to participate in available scheduled classes listed on our website. Or, if wanting to enroll your child in our studio the different tuition rates are listed under the tuition tab on our site. These are based off the amount of time you would like your child to be taught in our studio.