Tumbling Class in West Jordan, UT

Tumbling Class Registration:

Please email Mandy at  HDCtumbling@gmail.com to  be placed on our waitlist.

Hip Dance Company Tumbling Class Schedule 2023-2024

Tuesday4:30 – 5:30 PMTumblingC$40Placement
Wednesday4:30 – 5:30 PMTumblingC$40Placement
Wednesday5:30 – 6:30 PMTumblingC$40Placement
Wednesday6:30 – 7:30 PMTumblingC$40Placement
Wednesday7:30 – 8:30 PMTumblingC$40Placement

What is Tumbling class? 

Tumbling is the art of executing acrobatic movements such as somersaults, twists, handsprings, or rolls on floor mats. In our class we will be instructing and guiding your child through the steps of completing different tumbling moves as well as routines. We also offer a jazz/tumbling class that specifically focuses on teaching basic motor skills, basic tumbling skills along with basic jazz technique.  

Where did Tumbling come from?

Tumbling can be traced through archaeological drawings all the way back to ancient China, Greece, Egypt, and Persia. It was used as a source of entertainment that was performed by traveling groups of entertainers in the European Middle Ages and then by stage and circus performers. With time it continued to grow into an even bigger phenomenon internationally and even made an appearance in the Olympics. 

What do you learn in tumbling class?

In tumbling class we will teach you basic motor skills and how to perform some of the most common tumbling techniques. As far as the basics go, here are some of the techniques to be aware of with tumbling. A somersault, roll (backwards somersault), and a cart wheel are some of the first things that will want to be mastered. Once those have been achieved a round off is the next step up. This is very similar to a cartwheel, however both feet join in the air and then snap down at the end, instead of separately with a cartwheel. Round offs are helpful with tumbling routines because the force behind both feet when they snap down helps provide momentum into whatever will be done next, for example a back handspring. Once the round off is achieved some of the next goals would be a back handspring, and a variety of somersaults such as the pike, straight, twisting, and tuck somersaults. As far as the basics go with front tumbling there is the front handspring which consists of body remaining in straight shape, then passing through the handstand position, and then pushing off the floor with both hands and finishing by landing on both feet. The next step after that would be to learn the front handspring walkout. Other things that are involved in tumbling are aerial cartwheels and aerial roundoffs. Keep in mind there are different levels to tumbling and different classes will have a certain amount of technique taught within them. As far as the jazz/tumbling class goes, the basics of Jazz will be incorporated as well as the tumbling basics. 

What do you need to know about a tumbling class?

Tumbling can be a very fun sport. There are so many different things that you can do with it. However, it can be very dangerous as well. That is why here at our studio we take great care in preparing your child to participate in our classes and take their safety as our first priority. In order for your body to perform to the best of its ability it has to be cared for. We make sure that warm ups are done at the beginning of every class as well as cool downs at the end. And that the basics of tumbling are mastered before moving on to the advanced skills. 

What to wear to tumbling class?

When tumbling you will want to wear a leotard and if wanting to wear bottoms, any spandex, shorts would be preferred. As far as footwear goes you will be barefoot when tumbling so that is not necessary. However, if attending our jazz/tumbling class for your footwear we ask that you come with pink ballet shoes. Your attire for this class will remain the same as a regular tumbling class.

How much are tumbling classes?

Our jazz/tumbling class costs $40/month. You can choose to participate in available scheduled classes listed on our website. Or, if wanting to enroll your child in our studio the different tuition rates are listed under the tuition tab on our site. These are based off the amount of time you would like your child to be taught in our studio.  As far as signing up for a tumbling class it is by placement only please email hdctumbling@gmail.com for more information.

What are the different levels of tumbling?

We offer basic tumbling class as well as intermediate. The different levels we have available are tumbling Topaz, Platinum, Gold, Diamond 1, and Diamond 2.  Keep in mind that these classes are by placement only and contact hdctumbling@gmail.com for any questions regarding your child’s level.

Why take a tumbling class?

There are many benefits to participating in our tumbling class. The first being your flexibility and stamina will greatly increase! By learning the different techniques involved in tumbling, you will challenge your balance to grow and can develop great core strength and perfect your form!