Hip Hop Classes in West Jordan, UT

What is Hip Hop?

Hip Hop is focused on rhythm and coordination. It concentrates on the beat in the music and just letting your body move. It’s all about having fun and letting loose. A way to express yourself creatively. Let the emotions flow through your body and create movement. In our hip hop class we are teaching you to embrace your personality and instil it into the arranged or improvised choreography.

How Did Hip Hop begin?

Hip hop incorporates so many different cultures. Dating back to the 1970s, in Bronx, New York, African Americans, Carribean Americans, and Latino Americans together established hip hop. When hip hop first started it was a performative, but informal, dance culture. People would show off their moves to other people anywhere and everywhere, on the basketball court, the streets, parks, or wherever the group happened to be. When it first started becoming more common people often referred to hip hop dance as a way to express themselves; because of the unique nature of improvisation that is used throughout it. It was also a very competitive style of dance. The term street battles was adopted through the style of this dance. It was very popular in the aspect that it allowed people to combat each other without physically fighting by battling each other with their own hip hop dance moves. As the moves became more institutionalized (such as, breaking, popping, and locking), and more and more dancers got caught up in the rhythms of the music, the street scene shifted to more formal dance venues. The choreography developed recognizable moves, but the innovative and competitive nature of hip hop still remains to this day. 

The Different Types of Hip Hop

There are so many different ways you can go with hip hop. Some of the commonly known moves that are associated with hip hop are the dougie, running man, the cabbage patch, cha cha slide, and the worm. These developed early on in the 1990s. But one of the really interesting things about hip hop is it never goes out of style. It is such a diversified, cultured, and enjoyable style of dance that regardless of how long ago those famous moves were created, they are still some of the top hits today. Taking it a step further into the breakdown of hip hop is the style of break dancing. Used within a lot of hip hop routines and also referred to as B-boying, this is generally used to describe moves that require spinning on the knees, hands or head and include stylized footwork. Another form of hip hop is popping and locking. This dance technique requires the dancer to contract and relax their muscles quickly therefore causing a jerk reaction in the body. The preciseness of this dance move is amplified when synchronizing the pops to the rhythm of the music being danced to. Jazz, contemporary, breaking, popping, and locking, are just some of the different styles that are incorporated into hip hop dance. 

What type of music do you dance to?

In a hip hop dance class the music used will be hip hop or also referred to as rap music. This genre of music was also developed around the same time hip hop dance started, in New York around the 1970s. Hip hop/rap is a rhythmic stylized form of music that provides different breaks and beat drops that allow for the improvisational style of hip hop dance. 

What do you need to know in order to take a hip hop class?

One of the best things about hip hop is it does not require an extensive background in one specific technique. We collaborate as well as improvise so many different movements that as long as you are ready to complete full body movements and express yourself through dance. With hip hop, it is all about being upbeat, being creative, and letting the culture and music speak to your body. 

What do you wear to a hip hop class?

Starting a hip hop class for the first time there’s a couple of things you’ll want to make sure you have. The footwear needed for this class are black shoes with white soles (low top converse). Typically when dancing  you would perform in tight/spandex materials. However when it comes to hip hop with it being so diverse and cultured many choose to wear baggy pants. It is another way to really help a dancer get into character and personalize their dance. 

How much does a hip hop class cost?

Our hip hop class costs $40/month. You can choose to participate in available scheduled classes listed on our website. Or, if wanting to enroll your child in our studio the different tuition rates are listed under the tuition tab on our site. These are based off the amount of time you would like your child to be taught in our studio.