2024-2025 Monthly Tuition Rates

  • Tuition is not calculated per month, it is calculated per dance year, August-May. This includes all regular classes, extra practices, pictures and performances. Your tuition not only covers class time with your teacher, but all of the extra times your teacher needs to be available for your dancer.
  • Receive $5.00 off monthly tuition for additional family members.
  • If paying with a debit/credit card a $2.00 fee will be added per month.
  • A late fee of $10.00 will be added if tuition is not received by the 10th of the month.

Monthly Rates & Fees for 2024-2025

0.75 hours per week$40.00 monthly fee
1.00 hours per week$45.00 monthly fee
1.50 hours per week$55.00 monthly fee
2.00 hours per week$70.00 monthly fee
2.50 hours per week$75.00 monthly fee
3.00 hours per week$80.00 monthly fee
3.50 hours per week$85.00 monthly fee
4.00 hours per week$90.00 monthly fee
4.50 hours per week$95.00 monthly fee
5.00 hours per week$105.00 monthly fee
5.50 hours per week$115.00 monthly fee
6.00 hours per week$125.00 monthly fee
6.50 hours per week$135.00 monthly fee
7.00 hours per week$145.00 monthly fee
7.50 hours per week$155.00 monthly fee
8.00 hours per week$165.00 monthly fee
8.50 hours per week$175.00 monthly fee
9.00 hours per week$185.00 monthly fee
9.50 hours per week$195.00 monthly fee
 10+ (Unlimited)$205.00 monthly fee