Dancing is a very fun thing to do. And we want you to enjoy every minute of it. But just as much as we want you to, we want everyone in class to as well. And in order for everyone to enjoy themselves and be successful there are a couple of things to know so that we are mindful of those around us.

Be on time. Timing is everything. When someone does not show up on time it can be disruptive to everyone’s schedules. It is important to be mindful of everyone around so that class can start on time. Planning and showing up to class shortly before it beings provides you with time to get dressed and put proper footwear on so that class can start promptly at the correct time.

Dress for success. Follow the dresscode.Those are set not only out of respect for you and your peers but also so you can dance effectively and safely on the dance floor. It also sets a standard for how you are seen in class and allows you to dance to your fullest potential.

Listen with your eyes and ears open and mouth closed. Although you are not in a lecture, the danceroom is still a class room where you go to learn. Our instructors have so much knowledge to show and teach you and out of respect for them and everyone else trying to learn in class with you it is important that the teacher is the only one talking. Your teacher will gladly answer any questions you have but make sure to wait for an appropriate time to ask so that you are not taking away from anyone else’s learning.

Actions speak volumes. Our bodies can tell so many stories. That is why it is so important that you are aware of your body language in class. Folding your arms and slumping your stance or looking off in the distance are all signs of disinterest. Which is disrespectful to your teacher. They are there for you. They want to teach you and help you grow. When you make eye contact and show interest in class, your teacher will want to help you even more when you respond positively to any instructions.

Share the space. Make sure you are always balancing the space around you. In order for everyone to be comfortable in their own dancing space, be mindful of how close you are to others. When it is time to spread out across the floor, make sure if necessary you are standing in a window so those around you can see also. If performing exercises across the floor make sure lines are balanced out. Being aware of the space around you can make all the difference to yours and everyone else’s dancing experience.

Step out of your comfort zone. Find a new spot in the room. Whether we recognize it or not, dancers tend to have a certain spot on the dance floor that they like to gravitate towards. Whether you want  to be front and center or hidden in the back, you need to switch it up. Moving to the front can help you work on your confidence. And moving to the back shows your ability to adapt and allow others to have their turn in the front.

It’s okay to follow.  In some classes you might not be the most experienced and there may be others who are older and have been in class longer. It is okay to let them lead. If they’ve earned their spot in the front of warm ups it is okay to take a step back. You can get there as well. And if you are already a leader, be serious about it. You never know who is looking towards you for direction.

Dance with your heart. The dance room is a safe place where you can forget about your life outside and fully immerse yourself in the company of the dancers around you and just dance. We are all here to have fun and share our passion for dance.

All of these dos and don’ts are here so that YOU can have the best experience possible. We are excited for you and want you to feel that same way every time you step onto the dance floor.