Inspired by the body motions prominent in African dances, hip hop dance slowly gained worldwide popularity during the 1980s. It was often performed on the streets and eventually became a favorite among young people. Aside from being able to express yourself through various movements, hip hop dance is also a great physical activity that can improve your flexibility, balance, and coordination. Show off your hip hop moves in public and it won’t be long before you make new friends!

What Makes Hip Hop Dance Different?

Hip hop dance is different from other genres because it is often improvisational or freestyle in nature. This means that dancers can perform with freedom of movement and add their own personalities into the dance routines.  Hip hop dance is also competitive in nature because dancers often challenge each other with dance moves. This is why various hip hop dance “battles” and competitions are held in different parts of the world. 

How Can You Learn Hip Hop Dancing?

Hip hop dance can positively impact your mental and physical well-being, which is why it’s worth taking the time to learn. Contrary to popular belief, learning hip hop dancing isn’t overly challenging. 

Enroll in a Dance Class

One of the easiest ways to learn hip hop dance is enrolling in dance classes. Since dance classes are taught by professional and experienced dancers, enrolling in one you’ll know that you’re taught and mentored by the best. 

When it comes to hip hop dance classes, Hip Dance Company is one of the best. The team behind this company strives to help each student develop an appreciation for dance through positive reinforcement and loving discipline. 

By enrolling in a dance class and taking your classes seriously, you can eventually master hip hop dancing and impress friends with your moves!

Watch Other Dancers

As mentioned, hip hop is a dance of improvisation, which means that different dancers will have different moves. Even if they’re dancing to the same music, every hip hop dancer will express themselves in various ways. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to watch different dancer’s unique moves on the dance floor. This will help you learn more and encourage you to express yourself more. You might even pick up a few new techniques to incorporate into your own routine.

Practice Regularly

The maxim that states, “Practice makes perfect”, is true when learning hip hop dancing. Even if you’re already a pro at dancing, if you don’t regularly practice, you’ll likely forget your routine after a couple of days. 

Even if you enrolled in a dance class, prioritize practicing your routine regularly. Aim to spend at least an hour or more dancing every day if you want to memorize a complex routine. Make sure there are no distractions when you’re practicing so you can focus solely on your movements.

Practicing regularly is your key to becoming a great hip hop dancer! 

Take Care of Yourself

Learning hip hop dancing is a long process that can be demanding on your body. Regardless of your eagerness to learn, if your body isn’t well-conditioned, you won’t be able to master hip hop.

One of the most important tips to follow when learning is to always take care of yourself. For starters, you should eat a well-balanced meal two hours before your dance classes and consume foods that contain antioxidants to improve your memory and focus. 

Proper hydration is also important when learning hip hop dancing, so don’t forget to bring your water tumbler whenever you’re attending your dance class or practicing at home. Drinking water regularly will prevent your body from overheating. 

What Should You Wear When Practicing Hip Hop Dance Routines?

The clothes you wear when practicing hip hop dance routines impact your success. Many people wear sweatpants or other loose-fitting pants, a t-shirt or tank top, and a good pair of sneakers when practicing hip hop routines. Also, skip wearing accessories as this hinder movement

Practice Makes Perfect

Some people are able to pick up hip hop quickly, but for most people it takes patience and regular practice. Regardless of your background in dance – whether you’re a professional or a newbie – with time, effort, and especially Hip Dance Company’s proper instruction you can become a hip hop pro. Learn more about our hip hop classes or sign up now.