Oct 2018 HIP News - Regular Classes

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TUMBLING CLINICS - COMING IN NOVEMBER - Watch for more info soon!

Calendar Events:
Oct. 1st- Fundraiser Begins
Oct. 5th- Tuition Due
Oct. 12th- Winter Recital Fee Due
Oct. 18th-19th - Studio Closed for Fall Break
Oct.22nd- Costume Balances Due
Oct 24th-30th - Class Halloween Parties
Oct. 31st- Studio Closed for Halloween

We try and provide opportunities for our dancers to help offset some of the cost involved with dance. Fundraisers are optional and not required. Our cookie and chocolate sale fundraiser will begin today and your dancers will receive a packet in class! Your dancer will receive 40% profit for each item sold. All fundraiser proceeds go directly to your account and can be used for costumes, tuition, or recital fees. Following the fundraiser you will receive an email with the amount you have earned and then it is your responsibility to let me know how you would like it applied! Our fundraiser will run from Oct. 1st-Oct. 15th. Please make one check payable to Hip Dance Company.

Costume Balances and Recital Fees:
All recital fees are due Fri., Oct. 12th. Recital fees are $15.00 per dancer and will be automatically deducted from your account if you are set up on auto pay. Costume balances are due by Oct. 22nd. These  balances are not deducted from your account. Payments can be dropped in the black payment box at the studio. Emails will be sent out last week for balances on costumes.

Class Halloween Parties:
Oct. 24th - 30th all Regular/Level 2 class dancers are invited to wear their Halloween Costumes to class. If your dancer can not dance in their costume they are welcome to bring it and can change into it the last 15 minutes of class. Dancers are welcome to bring treats. Treats will not be passed out until the end of class. We will not hold parent observation during the month of October because of the class parties!

Tuition is due on the 5th of the month. We have several accounts that are falling behind because you have elected not to be on auto pay. Please remember if tuition is paid after the 10th there is a $10.00 late fee. Also any returned auto pay will be charged a $25.00 fee. If any changes need to be done to auto pay this must be handled 7 business days prior to the withdrawal. Dancers will not receive costumes or be able to participate in performances if accounts are not current.

Tumbling Halloween Party:
Mandy and Allie will have fun classes planned for all tumblers on Wednesday, Oct. 24th . No costumes please. You are welcome to bring a treat to share.

Shoes for Regular Classes:                        
This information was provided on the schedule at the time of registration. If you have any questions regarding this please email me and I would be happy to answer any questions. We want to make sure every dancer has the correct shoe and color. You can also visit our website hipdanceco.com and look up the schedule and it will list the shoes there as well.

Pick UP and Drop Off:
When dropping off or picking up the parking lot can become very crazy. For the safety of the dancers please enter the east side of the parking lot, circle the building and drop off on the west side, continue to the west entrance to exit the parking lot. If you are dropping off at the back studios the same procedure will be followed. If you are parking please use east side as an entrance. *DO NOT PARK ON THE CURB LOCATED DIRECTLY BEHIND THE PARKING STALLS. IT MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO BACK OUT OF THE STALLS! *DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE GARAGE DOORS!

Mark Your Calendars:
November – Tumbling Clinics- Dates- TBA
November 21st, 22nd, 23rd - Studio Closed for Thanksgiving
Dec. 10th-15th – “Beary” Merry Christmas Week
Dec. 17th- Last Day of Classes
December 18th- Winter Recital Taylorsville High School Check In- 6:00pm Performance- 6:30pm
December 19th - Jan. 1st- Studio Closed for Winter Break
Jan. 2nd- Classes resume

Dancer Spotlights:

Asacia Lucero - Tuesday Jazz
IMG 0473

Asacia is a very empathetic and happy 5 year old whom goes out of her way to care for others and spends most her days with her big brother Ryker who is 8, they are BFF's (most days). She also loves to camp, play with friends, ride her bike and she loves anything girlie. Asacia has danced going on 2 years with Hip Dance and she looks forward to coming each and every week. The highlight of her last year was the princess experience she was blessed to do while in Disneyland. We are so proud of you sweet girl, keep up the good work! 

Emersen Farnworth - Tiny Company


Emersen is the youngest of 6, she has 4 brothers, 1 sister, a dog sister named Lucy and a nephew.   She loves to dance where ever she goes, even during family pictures.   She also loves sleepovers at her sister's house.  


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Parking Procedure

Enter the east side of the parking lot, circle the building and drop off on the west side, continue to the west entrance to exit the parking lot. If you are dropping off at the back studio the same procedure will be followed. If you are parking please use east side as an entrance. Please do not park on the curb located directly behind the parking stalls.

High Fitness

High Fitness is Tuesday nights from 8:15-9:15pm. Please call to get more information.

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