Jan 2019 HIP News - Company Teams

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Calendar Events:                                                   

Jan.2nd Classes Resume

Jan. 5th Tuition Due

Jan. 12th- Mini Elite Extra Rehearsal Studio C (9-11am)

Jan. 20th Costume/Competition Fees Due

Jan. 21st Studio Closed- (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Jan. 26th- Junior Co. Extra Rehearsal Studio C (9-10:30am)


We have several past due accounts. Tuition is due on the 5th and fees on the 20th.  These accounts need to be brought current immediately. Unpaid balances will result in dancers participation in classroom instruction and performances.

High Fitness:

High Fitness is held on Tuesday evenings from 8:15-9:15pm in Studio C. Passes are 5 punches for $20.00 or $5.00 per class. First time is FREE for High Fitness.


PLEASE BE PATIENT! When dropping off or picking up the parking lot can become very crazy. For the safety of the dancers please enter the east side of the parking lot, circle the building and drop off on the west side, continue to the west entrance to exit the parking lot. If you are dropping off at the back studio the same procedure will be followed. If you are parking please use east side as an entrance.


Lost And Found:

We are ready to donate the items left in the lost in found box. Please check the first week back in January. We do not have room to store these items so please be sure to check each week your daughter leaves dance to see if they have everything!

Winter Months:

There are many germs that can be passed during the winter months. We do our very best to keep the studio clean and free from germs. Parents please help your dancers who may switch locations during the night to make sure they bundle up and put coats and shoes on to go outside. This seems to be why we end up with so many lost and found items because dancers are leaving coats and shoes in their previous location. If you notice your dancer doesn’t have a coat or shoes on when you pick them up please send them back in to grab them!


It is so important dancers are practicing at home. There is concern with the amount of time the teachers have to go back and re-teach. With younger dancers it is often hard for them to remember so practicing at home will help.  

Looking Ahead:

Competition season is just around the corner. It is very important dancers are in class. Every night is just as important as the other. We were very understanding during the holiday season. Going forward our attendance policy will be enforced. Every dancer needs to be in class regardless if they are injured or simply just not feeling well. They can sit out and watch. However we hope this will not be abused. If your daughter needs to miss dance it needs to be approved with their teacher. There is a three class absentee policy. Once your dancer has missed three classes a meeting with the dancer, parent, lead instructor, and myself will take place. They will then be placed on probation for 1 month. While on probation they will not be allowed to perform or compete. During the probation period if one class is missed they will be dismissed from their team and no costume refunds will be given. Tardiness is also a big problem. If your dancer is going to be more than 15 minutes late for dance the studio needs to be notified (801.280.8745). When only missing 15 minutes seems to not be that big of a deal it often times really is. Some of the younger teams have shorter class times and choreography has already been started. It makes it difficult for the teacher to have to go back and re-teach what she has already just taught. If continual tardiness occurs a meeting with the dancer and parent will be held. As parents please help your daughter realize when she is not in class she is not only hurting herself but her whole team and as we have seen in the past it begins to bring team morale down.      

Dress Rehearsal:

Saturday, February 23rd at the studio from 8:00am-2:00pm we will have a mandatory dress rehearsal for all Company Teams except Junior Elite. Junior Elite will have dress rehearsal on Thursday, February 14th (please watch for more info). This rehearsal is required for everyone to attend. Please make sure you have already put this date on your calendar. You will receive more information regarding exact times each dancer will need to be there from. Team rehearsal times will be up to 2hrs depending on the amount of routines they compete.

*Small & Mini Varsity Dress rehearsal will be held during class on Thursday, April 25th .

Mark your calendars:

Feb. 2nd- Junior Company Extra Rehearsal Studio C 9:00-10:30am

Feb. 2nd – Small Elite Extra Rehearsal Studio C 10:30-12:30pm

Feb. 2nd – Tiny Company Extra Rehearsal Studio C 12:30-2:30pm

Feb. 5th- Tuition Due

Feb. 8th- Junior Elite Extra Rehearsal Studio C 4:00-7:00pm

Feb. 9th- Mini Elite Extra Rehearsal Studio C 9:00-11:00am

Feb. 9th- Elite Company Extra Rehearsal Studio C 12:00-2:00pm

Feb. 18th - Studio Closed- Presidents Day

Feb. 19th- Competition Parent Information Night-7:00-8:00pm Studio C

Feb. 20th - Final Costume/Competition Payment Due

2019 Important Dates:

May 3rd- Small Varsity and Mini Varsity Class Picture Day

May 6th- Registration Opens for Regular/Level 2 Classes

June 15th- Spring Recital@ Taylorsville High School

June 17th & 18th- Company Auditions

June 24th- Company Parent Meeting*7:00pm

July 8th-11th- Session #1 Company Summer Intensives

July15th-19th- Session #2 Company Summer Intensives

August 5th- Classes Begin for the 2019-2020 Season


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Parking Procedure

Enter the east side of the parking lot, circle the building and drop off on the west side, continue to the west entrance to exit the parking lot. If you are dropping off at the back studio the same procedure will be followed. If you are parking please use east side as an entrance. Please do not park on the curb located directly behind the parking stalls.

High Fitness

High Fitness is Tuesday nights from 8:15-9:15pm. Please call to get more information.

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